School Motto & Mission

School Motto

Civic Responsibility

School Goals

To grow Catholic faith into action, to provide a school where students will grow in Christ, develop in a caring culture & acquire an all-round education.

School Mission

  1. To enable our students to come to the knowledge of God and to experience the peace and joy of the Christian faith and be able to develop a positive attitude towards life.
  2. To provide quality education, activating a spirit of union and collaboration among the staff, parents and past students to work for the good of the students.
  3. To develop in students a caring and loving attitude, enabling them to enjoy harmonious relationship with others.
  4. To promote civic awareness and the spirit of democracy in our students so that they will be social conscious and always ready to serve society.
  5. To develop in students self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, the ability to manage themselves and above all self-esteem.
  6. To instil in students the urge to improve and the courage to commit to the good by heightening their sensitivity, developing in them a habit of reflection and a knowledge of the limitations of one's self and the environment.
  7. To promote students' interest in different subjects and their self-learning ability, so that they will develop fully intellectually.
  8. To develop students' language ability and analytical power, so that their power of expression and problem solving ability will excel.
  9. To provide a diversity of activities, so as to broaden our students' horizon, develop their leadership, potentials, interests, their creativity and appreciation of aesthetics, thus helping them to lead a fuller life.
  10. Under effective management, to provide an excellent environment conducive to learning.
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